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    Assembly Final
    Digital Final
    Grand Final

    It all starts with an expert led, interactive workshop. By the end of the workshop every student will have delivered a speech they have created from scratch to their classmates and a small panel of judges, usually a couple of teachers, who select top-quality speeches.

    An Assembly Final happens at school, each school select the speakers they would like to represent them. The speakers perform the same speech again to teachers and students to practice for the Digital Final.

    At a Digital Final, participating schools from the across London and Essex are represented by a speaker. This event is held online via Zoom, everyone is welcome to this showcase to hear voices of the future. Family, friends and teachers gather to celebrate and support the speakers. A team of local dignitaries are the judging panel. One speaker takes the winning title and goes through to the next stage.

    The winner of a Digital Final goes through to the Semi-Final. On Semi-Final day, all the winning speeches are watched by a panel of judges then narrowed down to just 15 speakers.

    15 speakers now represent their school at a Grand Finalist. Traditional, the Grand Final is held at the beginning of July on a West End stage in London. This is a huge celebration of young voices, everyone is welcome! For the last time, each speaker performs their speech to a crowd of more than 1,000 supporters, MPs, Mayors, influencers, dignitaries and an esteemed panel of judges. One speaker walks away with the title ‘Grand Champion’. In 2020 the Grand Final was live-streamed from a London film studio.