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Alumni: Solomon Ian-Sangala

17 May 2017

Solomon Ian-Sangala

Solomon Ian-Sangala is the guy who had a stammer so became a speaker; he’s the guy who was kicked out of school so became a business owner; and he’s the guy who overcame bullying and defied the odds. We spoke to the creator of clothing business, AttireX, about his experience on Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! and how it helped him to find his voice and his confidence.

Struggling with a stutter, Solomon used to be a nervous speaker. He was reluctant to express himself – whether in class or not – and felt extremely anxious before his “Speak Out” Challenge! workshop. However, he used the training opportunity as an example to himself. He knew he had to conquer the things which scared him, like securing a future, dealing with bullies and speaking in class with a stammer. He wanted to make up for the bumpy start he had had and to make his mum proud, so he took the chance to speak and made the most of it. Taking part in the “Speak Out” Challenge! was Solomon’s first step to realising his own potential, confidence and skills.

To this day, Solomon continues to use the communication skills he learned during the Speakers Trust training. He will always remember the advice to tell stories and keep to pace. The use of storytelling allows personality to shine through and takes the pressure off regular pitching and presenting. Although Solomon did not win his Regional Final, the experience itself was enough to help him discover hidden talents. This gave Solomon the push he needed for his business endeavours and the confidence to run with his ideas.

When we asked Solomon if he would recommend the “Speak Out” Challenge! to other students, he replied, “Yes, definitely; it can change your life. Don’t back away from it, even though you might not think it’s for you.”

Solomon owns the clothing line, AttireX (@AttireX), is a regular speaker at events and a contributor at Huffington Post. You can Tweet him at @iansangala or find him on Instagram: iansangala.

For more information about Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge!, please visit www.speakoutchallenge.com or email jpspeakout@speakerstrust.org