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Andrew Rawnsley becomes Grand Final judge

26 Nov 2020

We are delighted to announce, in no particular order, our Grand Final 2020 VIP judges who will be joining the event live via Zoom on December 1st. We’ll be sharing who they are one by one so that you can get to know them and learn what they will be looking for in our Grand Finalists’ speeches.

Andrew Rawnsley is The Observer’s award-winning Chief Political Commentator. He is also a critically acclaimed broadcaster and author and we are so excited to have him on the judging panel.

We asked Andrew, why do you think the ability to communicate effectively is so important?

“There is no life skill more important than the ability to communicate successfully with others. And yet many of us struggle with it. 

I want to be part of the “Speak Out” Challenge! mission; to provide practical and inspirational training which is accessible to all young people. I share the vision of unlocking the full potential of every young person through the incredible power of communication.”

Why is empowering young people, through communication, important to you?

“The development of these skills is essential if we are to ensure that all our young people, whatever their background, find fulfilment at school, in further and higher education, and in the workplace. We know that the ability to convey their ideas, their concerns and their passions can be transformational of life chances and future happiness.”

Join us at the Grand Final, we will be live streaming the event from 6pm on Tuesday 1st December. Register to attend using the link below.