Tower Hamlets Regional Final 2021-22

17 Mar 2022

The Regional Final is an opportunity for everyone in the community and across the borough to come together to celebrate and build a platform for young voices. We welcome and encourage many attendees. Teachers, parents, friends and supporters make an incredible contribution to the atmosphere of the evening for all the speakers. It also gives the opportunity to recognise not just the speakers but all the hard work from parties who make a Regional Final happen. We look forward to seeing you there.

Number of representatives per school: TBC

Recent Speeches
Kezia Stanley
Swanlea School
Getting a call-back
Tower Hamlets
Regional Champion

Riyan Ahmed
George Green's School
The Shackles of Colourism
Tower Hamlets

Shahdeena Khan
Mulberry School for Girls
When realization hit me with a kiss
Tower Hamlets