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Jerry Ndi wins place at Grand Final

6 Nov 2020

2020 is an unprecedented year with change and adapting to the new being key features for all of us. This year Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! Will not take place at Cambridge Theatre, instead we are live streaming with pre-recording speeches broadcast from a London film studio on Tuesday 1st December.

From the 20,000 young people who took part in the “Speak Out” Challenge! this year, we are thrilled to announce this year’s Grand Finalists, some of whom became Regional Champions and some Digital Final Champions. In no particular order, please meet the first of our Grand Finalists.

We are delighted to share our fifth Grand Finalists, congratulations Jerry Ndi.

Jerry Ndi of Northolt High School became Ealing’s Regional Champion with a speech titled ‘Power of the Voice’. This speech is a mini masterclass in using your voice to create an impact and implore an audience to think about not just what they say, but how they say it. In his own way, Jerry reminds us to think before we speak. 

We asked Jerry, why do you think it’s important for young people, like you, to share their stories?

“It’s important for youths like me to share their stories because it encourages a distribution of information which leads to self-motivation and elevation of young and older people.”

How could this experience help you further any passions, or career ambitions you have?

“I’ve always been a very meek person. This experience has reinforced my confidence and assertiveness. Therefore whenever I’m faced with anything, I will always know I can work up to it and eventually surpass it – just like I worked up to this level of confidence.”

And finally, how would you like people to think / act differently from hearing your story?

“Especially when it comes to communication, I would like to see people using their voice as an intermediary tool between aspirations and actualities.”

Listen to Jerry’s winning speech. 

Don’t miss out. Register to attend the Grand Final via the link below. It’s free.