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Meet Alumni Ambassador Favour!

8 Apr 2021

Favour Oluwanusin represented Bexley Grammar School at the Bexley Regional Final in 2018-19.  His speech ‘Resolution’ helped him become the Bexley Regional Final beating 450 other students in the borough to the top spot.  “My speech was all about new year’s resolutions, why we don’t stick to them and the importance of writing down your goals to bring them to life so that you can take small, daily steps towards achieving them”.

Favour is now part of our Alumni Ambassadors group composed of young speakers whom have taken part in the “Speak Out” Challenge! with the aim of sharing their experience on every aspect of the programme from in-school workshops through to the Grand Final. Their purpose is to help shape improvements for the future young people that will participate in the “Speak Out” Challenge!.

We asked Favour what attracted him to becoming an Alumni Ambassador?  His response was heart-warming:

“The Speak Out Challenge had a profound impact on me. I whole-heartedly believe that the interpersonal skills of public speaking, charisma and empathy can turn a good person into an outstanding one – Speaker’s Trust is helping to make outstanding students so I needed to be a part of that!”

Finally, we asked Favour how he would like his involvement to impact the programme or other young people?

“I would like for our discussions, internal reviews and events to make the existing Speak Out programme better and better each year: Refining the videos we use for the online programme; serving as a fair and respectable judge; and maintaining the Speak Out programme’s reputation as a challenging and rewarding experience for all!”

Watch Favour’s speech here: