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Meet Grand Final Judge, Emily Dean

19 Nov 2021

On Monday 29th November, Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! Grand Finalists will take to the stage of the Cambridge Theatre and share their speeches for the last time in this competition. The job of the selecting a Grand Champion falls to a panel of VIP judges. They will use  The Communication Triangle of Content, Delivery and Structure to determine the winning speech of the evening.

We’ll be sharing who they are one by one so that you can get to know them and learn what they will be looking for in our Grand Finalists’ speeches. We are thrilled to share this news with you – let’s meet the judges! Emily Dean is a writer, broadcaster and podcaster. 

We asked Emily; in your experience what does it mean to find your voice?

Finding your voice happens when you commit to being entirely authentic and truthful, when you challenge received wisdom, when you share your vulnerability with the world and when you realise that refusing to walk the same path as everyone else is a super power. 

Why is empowering young people important to you?

Some of the most powerful lessons I have ever learnt were from people far younger than me. Once you reach 40 you hear a lot of people saying ‘we can’t do that’. It’s always the youngest people in the room who say ‘ WHY can’t we do that?’

What does communication mean to you?

Good communication happens through empathy – Barack Obama is a sublime orator not because he’s smart and articulate, but because he speaks to a room filled with individuals rather than an audience.

Thinking about our young speakers, how can they provoke the change they want to see in the world?

By reminding yourself you only get one story and you get to write it all yourself.