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Michaylia Stephenson wins place at Grand Final

5 Nov 2020

2020 is an unprecedented year with change and adapting to the new being key features for all of us. This year Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! Will not take place at Cambridge Theatre, instead we are live streaming with pre-recording speeches broadcast from a London film studio on Tuesday 1st December.

From the 20,000 young people who took part in the “Speak Out” Challenge! this year, we are thrilled to announce this year’s Grand Finalists, some of whom became Regional Champions and some Digital Final Champions. In no particular order, please meet the first of our Grand Finalists.

We are delighted to share our third Grand Finalists, congratulations Michaylia Stephenson.

Representing Hornchurch High School in Havering, Michaylia won Digital Final 6 with a speech titled ‘Hairy Situation’. For most of us, the hair on our heads is a given and maybe we take it for granted. Michaylia askes “what does hair mean to you, and how much do you value it?” before sharing her personal experience of hair loss through stress. 

We asked Michaylia, why do you think it’s important for young people, like you, to share their stories?

“Depending on the story, sharing can help other people who are dealing with the same issues to realise that they’re not the only one’s struggling. It can definitely bring people together to help create a community that they never expected.

It will give other people (especially young people) the inspiration to do what we do, and more. Creating the next leaders of our community’s, city’s or even a world leader. It could just take one speech, from one person to give them the drive and motivation to do more.”

How would you like people to think/act differently from hearing your story?

“I would like people to think about what they value most in life and how much it may have affected them. I would hope that they have gained a new sense of confidence within themselves and to open their eyes as to what matters most to them. I would also really like them to change the way they see hair in professional settings and that they recognise that all hair types should be acceptable, without any change needed.”

See Michaylia speak out.

Don’t miss this year’s Grand Final. Register now for this free event using the link below.