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Niall Gray is a Grand Final judge

25 Nov 2020

We are thrilled to announce, in no particular order, our Grand Final 2020 VIP judges who will be joining the event live via Zoom on December 1st. We’ll be sharing who they are one by one so that you can get to know them and learn what they will be looking for in our Grand Finalists’ speeches.

Niall Gray is a DJ for Capital FM who found TikTok fame during lockdown.

We asked him, in your experience, what does it mean to find your voice?

“I believe the meaning of finding your voice is when you truly begin to understand yourself and what you stand for, finding ways to express yourself and inspire others at the same time.”

Why is empowering young people important to you?

“Of course young people are the future and it’s so important to get their voices heard. Helping young people to build their confidence strengthens important communication skills for the future.”

And, what does communication mean to you?

“Being able to express your views and values in a clear and confident manner, having the ability to communicate with others well, listening to their views and expressing yours too.”


Join us at the Grand Final, we will be live streaming the event from 6pm on Tuesday 1st December. Register to attend using the link below.