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Why I became an Alumni Ambassador

13 Feb 2020

Chiara Laferla represented Coloma Convent Girls School at the Croydon Regional Final. Her speech, ’Dictionary Definition’, took her to the Grand Final. “My speech was about how family is built on the foundations of love and not on blood.”

We recently enjoyed a morning of tea and biscuits at the Speakers Trust office, and for good reason – we were joined by our Alumni Ambassadors Group. This group is composed of young speakers whom have taken part in the “Speak Out” Challenge! with the aim of sharing their experience of every aspects of the programme from in-school workshop through to Grand Final. Their purpose is to help shape improvements for the future young people that will participate in “Speak Out” Challenge!.

Since the 2018 Grand Final Chiara has continued to us her voice to help others by sharing her “Speak Out” Challenge! experience; you might recognise her from ‘The Journey’ video. Her constructive feedback and engagement with the programme continue to help the Speakers Trust team reach other shy young people. Chiara was attracted to becoming an Alumni Ambassador for the opportunity to reconnect with her friends from her “Speak Out” Challenge! journey and aspirations of helping other young people.  

Through her ongoing involvement to with the programme, Chiara hopes to;

“To encourage people who don’t think they have what it takes to speak out and surprise themselves.”

“That was the best feeling for me when I did it and I would love if someone else also improved their communication skills and confidence, even if they don’t continue into the competition.”

She adds; “Also, to encourage a variety of people to learn about the importance of speaking and realise how this skill is just as important than academic success.”

Catch up with Chaira’s winning speech.