Tens of thousands of students participate in this programme each year. Here’s some advice that previous participants wanted to share with you.

    “Join in, don’t be scared and speak your mind!”
    “Be brave, breathe and be yourself.”

    Our vision at Speakers Trust is for every young person to be able to speak and be heard. This programme has been designed for you and your peers to support you share views, learn from one another and build communication skills for school, home and beyond with one of our expert trainers.

    This programme is funded and delivered in partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation who encourage young people to believe in themselves. Sir Jack’s message to every student taking part is “if you think you can, you can.”

    This page provides you with resources to help further your speaking skills, shape your message and get inspired.


    On the day of your workshop, you will learn how to speak in public and communicate easily, with confidence and enjoyment. The day is great fun and very interactive, which means you will be practising the skills you are learning throughout the day.

    You will have the chance to speak several times, learning how to think quickly and finding out how to prepare a speech and deliver it. Trust us, it is much easier than you think!

    During the workshop you will be asked to give a short speech about yourself, only a minute in length.  You will also have an opportunity to give another speech on a subject that you feel really strongly about. You can talk about anything you want. So why not start to think about things that motivate you, maybe something you want to change or an issue that is important to you. It is your choice, you can talk about anything YOU want.

    Have a look at our Workshop Overview.

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